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jackieThe interesting thing about life in general is that it’s always controlled by the Pareto principle. The Pareto principle states that 20% of all people control 80% of the results. This may seem pretty innocuous or innocent, but it really isn’t because it has a tremendous impact on all aspects of your life.

20% of people make 80% of the money. 20% of the guys get 80% of the girls. 20% of the athletes get 80% of the trophies. Whatever activity you can think of, the Pareto principle applies. It might not necessarily always fall into a strict 80/20 formula, but make no mistake about it. The vast majority of the results and rewards that this world produces are scooped up by a minority of people.

I’m bringing up the Pareto principle in this blog post about dating success because if you want to hook up like a boss, you need to be in that 20%. You need to know how the game works even with a free hookup. You need to have a solid game plan. You need to be able to play the game in a systematic and methodical way. Otherwise, you are simply going to end up like everybody else. In other words, you’re going to lose. Pay attention to the following quick tips.

Look Her in the Eye

When you’re talking to women, look them straight in the eye. When you look somebody straight in the eye, it shows to them that you have balls. It shows to them that you have conviction and you have confidence. Nothing declares to the world louder that you’re a bitch inside when you can’t even look people in the eye. If you want respect, you need to demand respect. And the best way to do that is to look people straight in the eye.

Assume She Wants You

Never assume, when you meet an attractive woman, that she doesn’t want you. If you are interested in that woman, you have to believe that there is something of value in you. Otherwise, you’re just sabotaging yourself and you are going to fail. That’s the bottom line.

Figure Out What She Wants to Hear

The truth is everybody is insecure. The truth is everybody has a hole in their existence that they’re looking to fill. Figure that out. That’s your assignment. That’s your homework. Figure out what her weakness is, and give it to her. That’s the bottom line.

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